February 3, 2011

Taking Pet Bowls to a Whole New Level

Announcing a new pet bowl concept for homes that is sleek, stylish, convenient, eco-friendly and affordable!

Designer Pet Eatery creates a custom installed look in your home; it’s a pet bowl mounted within the wall and elevated to the height that suits your dog or cat.

Physical benefits for pets include less strain on their backs, shoulders, and front legs – especially for “senior” pets, large pets, or furry friends with arthritis. The improved posture during feeding aids in their digestion, too.  They don’t swallow excessive amounts of air which could lead to bloating and abdominal discomfort.

Benefits for pet owners include getting the bowls off the floor, thus removing potential obstacles in entries, freeing up floor space in kitchens or entries, and reducing tripping hazards. This system further enhances home décor, eliminates dirt accumulating around the bowls, frees owners of having to pick up bowls to sweep or mop.

Genius! Anyone can easily install the Designer Pet Eatery in any 2×4-constructed wall. It’s made of high-impact polystyrene plastic and is FDA approved. It also can be painted to match your room’s decor. Each bowl holds up to 6 cups and slides in and out easily for filling and cleaning. Store the bowls within the wall when not in use.  

Just getting bowls off the floor is a major win. Sinking bowls right into the wall is not only cool, convenient, sleek and definitely-the-do, it’s also sanitary and healthy for your pet. Can be hooked up to a water line in the wall, and comes in many custom colors, too.

Take your pet’s bowl to the next level. He is, after all, part of the family!



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