March 27, 2007

Happy Dog = Empty Bowl

It’s a simple equation, as mathematically solid as it is nutritionally sound. The way to your pet’s heart is through his stomach. According to THPG's Christie Shaver, the way to your pet’s health is also through his stomach!
Christie has been methodically and exhaustively studying natural pet health for more than 10 years and now offers your pets homecooked meals, delivered right to your door (if you are lucky enough to live in Manhattan and some soon-to-be-added parts of NYC). Her ingredients are all 100% human grade, fresh, all natural, preservative and additive-free, balanced, and individually tailored to your pet’s size, finicky preferences, and dietary restrictions (e.g. allergies, diabetes, kidney conditions, etc.) if any.
Want more? She personally offers free  nutritional consultations for any cat or dog whose humans need help or have questions. THPG foods go beyond healthy to absolutely delicious, dog-tested, mother-approved, and as we can attest, you WILL want to eat it yourself (according to Christie, you can; she feeds her clients the same quality foods she cooks for her family).
Now, make no mistake: we are NOT suggesting you and your pet fight over his food.

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