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March 31
, 2015

The Next Level in Dog Collars

What if some heavy duty research went into the design and construction of a better dog collar? That’s just the task that Mema Pets undertook when they decided to create a super strong yet lightweight, durable collar that had naturally beneficial qualities. The result is the ALUCollar.

The company started with custom-designed hardware made from aircraft-grade aluminum. This ensures that it’s as light around pooch’s neck as possible, while still offering extreme strength. The magnetic clasp uses rare earth magnets that are easy to fasten but hold tight. Next, hemp (with its natural mold and UV light resistance to help keep it fresh) is used for the webbing side against pup’s neck. On top, a cork layer not only offers a cruelty-free alternative to leather but is waterproof, fire resistant, and mosquito repellant. Add in an optional embedded NFC tag for extra ID protection, and it all equals a collar that takes style and function to the next level.




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