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April 1
, 2015

Show-Stopping Vintage Couture

Have you ever seen a dress that is so beautiful, it inspires the look and theme of an entire event? Take a look at Roxy and Lulu Canine Couture’s EMMA dress for a show-stopping dose of inspiration. This stunning dress could set the tone for an entire wedding party or other fancy gala. Especially one that embraces vintage, Downton Abbey-style fashion.

This elegant harness dress starts with iridescent olive shimmer taffeta. Then rich, wine-colored ribbon is sewn into waves of beautiful rosettes that start at the neck and spill down the back. The pleated waist is adorned with a removable, crystal mini belt. And a D-ring is sewn in so that not only will the little pooch be the belle of the ball, but she’ll be comfortably and safely on leash, too. Inside, a matching wine color satin lining adds to the detailed perfection of this one-of-a-kind, handmade dress.




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