April 3, 2008


Is your dog well heeled? By which we mean living the life, be it coastal, urban or high alt. Not to worry; there’s now a spa collection for each and a paw balm for all.

The Coastal collection speaks to the dog that loves sun, sand and surf but needs protection from harmful UV rays and harsh coastal elements. Calendula and comfrey heal cuts, wounds, ocean dryness and sunburn.

High-altitude dogs face extreme temps, calling for aloe vera and colloidal oatmeal to soothe dry skin, rashes and bug bites.

City dogs battle environmental stressors (e.g., air pollution, traffic and concrete), for which chamomile, rosemary and sage are on board to calm, condition, cleanse and fight infection.

The common denominator in it all? Pad Balm. Because regardless of locale, all paws need the same blend of shea and mango butter to relieve cracks, sunburn and abrasions.

Making your pooch truly well heeled in every respect.

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