May 4, 2007

Take a Walk on the Wild "Inside"

Obesity isn’t just killing people…it’s a disease that’s destroying our pets, too! But for all of you pet owners who don’t think you have the time or energy to walk your dog longer or farther (or who can’t get out at times because of bad weather, illness or injury), there’s a new way to help your dog stay trim and healthy: the doggie treadmill! At, you’ll find a treadmill that’s been specially designed to give your dog a much-needed workout that he’ll actually look forward to doing each and every day. It’s a cost-effective way to ward off mounting vet bills, increase your dog’s happiness, banish doggie depression, and extend the life span of the dog you love so much. All without having to go to the gym! Now all he needs is his own Ipod®….

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