May 15, 2007

Super Hot, Way Cool

There's nothing tepid here at because everything they offer is luxuriously handcrafted for your pet. Each product, be it the chic collars and leashes or the sweet-dream beds, are made one by one, here in the USA. And nothing could be more American than their Icon Crystal Dog Collars. Featuring some of the iconic staples of life—doggie symbol, $$$, fire hydrant, peace & pot, and skull & bones—these collars are made with shimmering Swarovski Crystals on eye-catching Magical Metallic Leather. Talk about super hot and way cool! There's even a Doggie Brag Book so you can proudly cart around your latest photos of your beloved K9 in 14K style (Okay, so it's not really 14K gold but it is available in either solid gold or red light faux leather.)

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