June 2, 2011

Dinner’s in the Mail

If lugging a 30-pound bag of dog food from store to car and car to home isn’t the highlight of your weekend, it’s time to try Pet Flow. Imagine Bailey’s delight when the FedEx delivery person arrives with a fresh bag of food on a regular basis!

For the seriously convenience-minded, simply sign up for Pet Flow and you’ll never find yourself making that last minute run to the pet store for food again. Pet Flow offers home delivery of just about every brand of pet food (and lots of toys and treats, too). Just select Bailey’s favorite brand, choose your delivery schedule, and for just a $4.95 shipping cost (no matter how much you buy!), her food will arrive like clockwork, just when you—and Bailey—need it.


Daily Kibble readers get an extra special deal: just enter code KIBBLE when you place an order over $59 and shipping is FREE.



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