June 3
, 2010

Eco-Disposable Pet Bowl

The original completely eco-friendly disposable pet bowl. Fresh Licks are made from sugar cane fiber. 100% sustainable; 100% biodegradable; 100% tree - free. Perfect for travel, dog parks, dog sitters, boarding, dog walkers, veterinarians’ offices and homes. Durable enough to reuse yet inexpensive enough to throw out.  

Great for dry food, wet food and even water. Guilt-free eco-convenience - right down to the last lick. Available in ten-packs, 6" in diameter and holds 16 oz.

The company, Fabuleash, is devoted to giving our pets only the best in return for the unconditional loyalty and affection they offer us. This bowl is a prime example of that.  

Fresh Licks Bowl



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