July 16
, 2010

Dogs and Cats Agree on Pure Alaskan Wild Salmon

Hard to believe, but true. Certain pampered pets become so accustomed to their good lives (treat-chocked) that they actually turn their noses up at those treats they deem “ordinary.” It happens more than we’d like to admit: we yell, “Treat! Treat!” only to have them “weigh” the benefits of continuing whatever they’re doing, rather than returning to you at full speed on all fours.

Rest assured, when you treat with Salmon Paws pure Alaskan wild salmon, you’ll get their full attention. Pronto! See your pampered furbaby stop in her tracks every time for these high value treats unlike any other.

Know, too, that 10% of all internet sales proceeds will go to the Lange Foundation (a no kill shelter that runs solely on donations). And you’ll be helping those less pampered while treating your very fortunate pooch or kitty to the best there is.

They’ll do anything for these!






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