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October 22, 2014

Pies 4 Paws—A Tasty Challenge to Help Animal Shelters

If you’ve heard of the ice bucket fundraiser and wished for a similar activity that would benefit shelter animals, join Jill Rappaport’s Pies 4 Paws Challenge! Take a pie in the face and donate to (or adopt a companion from) the shelter of your choice, then nominate others to do the same.

As a seasoned and respected correspondent for NBC news and best-selling author, Jill brings her passion for animal advocacy to work with her every day, covering stories that matter for animal welfare. So it’s no surprise that she’s created a viral challenge to benefit shelters everywhere. Whether you choose to sling a pie or eat a pie, pair it with doing some good for your local shelter (by donating, adopting, or volunteering), and you’ll be joining Jill in giving Pies 4 Paws!

Jill Rappaport’s Pies 4 Paws Challenge!





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