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November 21, 2013

Holiday Spotlight: Coat, Harness, and Collar in One Toasty Package

Sweater weather is here! If your pup usually wears a secure harness, it’s not likely that harness will fit over a toasty warm coat or sweater. What to do? Pick up The Hidden Harness from Central Park Pups! This sporty and colorful coat not only gives pups extra warmth in cold weather but it also includes an integrated, adjustable harness for truly secure comfort. It can even serve as pup’s collar, with a place to attach all of pooch’s tags.

The harness gives pup a safe way to go for a walk (no neck choking!) and is easy to put on: just lay it flat and help pup to step in. Fabrics used to create the Hidden Harness incorporate nanotechnology to make them liquid-resistant, anti-microbial, mosquito repellant, and UV protective. Just pick your favorite color from the pretty selection of color block options, and enjoy a brisk winter walk.

Save a few Bones and order the entire Central Park North Collection for your Precious Pup! The set includes the Cushion Grip Leash, a 4' Nylon leash with cushion grip for extra comfort. The leash also has an additional bonus accessory, the Essentials Pooch Pouch which is both a bone shaped mini purse and an ID tag. Perfect for carrying a few poop bags, keys, money, treats, or any small items on the go.

Just for Daily Kibble readers: Enter discount code "KIBBLE13" during checkout at the website and receive 10% off The Central Park North Gift Set. Valid through December 31, 2013.

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