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January 24
, 2020

What's In a Name?

As pet owners we agonize over selecting just the right names for our furry friends. Sometimes even more so than for our children. ;o)
Some name them based on their looks.

Some based on their personality. Some based on their breeds. And some based on family favorites.

Here are two lists of pet names that have just been published by Trupanion and Nationwide Pet Insurance companies that we thought you'd find interesting.

Trupanion's list of the most common puppy names of 2019.
1. Luna
2. Bella
3. Charlie
4. Bailey
5. Lucy
6. Cooper
7. Max
8. Daisy
9. Bear
10. Oliver

Nationwide's lists of the wackiest pet names of 2019.
1. DJ Skribbles and Bits
2. Stella Bean Dip
3. Big League Chewie
4. Ruff Bader Ginsburg
5. Bilbo Beggins
6. Nostadogmus
7. Albus Dumbledog
8. Grampaw
9. Indiana Bones
10. Captain Morgan Freeman

1. Jean Clawed Van Damme
2. Boba Fetticini
3. Henry Hissinger
4. Avocato
5. Wu Tang Cat
6. Schtinky Puddin
7. Hairy Pawter
8. Reece Whiskerspoon
9. Dave Meowthews
10. Alclawchino

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