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March 5
, 2021

Hands-Free is the Way to Be

So many pet parents know how much fun it is for their dog to have a retractable leash. Fido loves walking out ahead to explore and feel a little free. But you know what’s not so fun about a retractable leash? They’re kind of cumbersome and bulky. This excellent leash by Pawlera can be WORN on your wrist—without you losing control of your pooch.

It even has a front spotlight to make nighttime a little bit easier. You can let your furry friend run ahead (up to 10 feet away) without losing track of him. Plus, it has all the nifty bells and whistles—a smart locking feature, anti-curling technology, and even a cool ring light that you can charge to be red, green, or blue. Talk about a “styleash” approach to dog-walking!

Halo Retractable Leash by Pawlera



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