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September 19, 2018

The Best Bodysuit

We agree—sometimes the vet's cone and full-body bandage seems a little, um, severe. No pet parent wants to see their furry friend outfitted like that while they're recovering from surgery or healing painful wounds. Try this breathable and stretchy bodysuit instead. With models designed for both cats and dogs, this suit will help ease all these issues and a whole lot more problems that might pop up over the course of your pet's life (like incontinence, extreme shedding, being in heat, or hairballs).

If you need to put ointment on skin, it ensures that your four-legged friend won't mess with it. Is your pet a little sore from stitches (or the like)? A special pocket at the belly side can hold a small ice pack for relief. Talk about nifty!

Recovery Suit


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