January 2, 2008

By Design

With winter firmly set in, we suspect 2 things: you’re indoors more (i.e., home décor becomes a bigger concern) and you’re longing for the bright colors of spring. Because our homes reflect who we are, your pet’s bowls should not only improve your pet’s life but also enhance the ambience of your pad.

Wetnoz to the rescue with unique award-winning designs that marry style and utility.

Wares for both dogs and cats range from raised dog feeders up to 5 cups for larger dogs to the 3/4 cup Pee Wee Pet Bowl for tinies, to the Ultra Collection in highly polished surgical grade stainless steel, to the Metro line of stainless steel fused with brilliantly colored translucent plastic, to ergonomically designed bowls that even reduce cats’ “whisker stress”, bringing serenity to meals.

It’s a winter win-win. Grace and style for you, health benefits for pets. To brighten the indoors.


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