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Stands for Frequently Asked Questions. Just in case someone, someday, somewhere might want this information, it’s all here.

What’s the scoop with Daily Kibble?

We are a free, daily, e-mail newsletter featuring the hottest, coolest, latest, and greatest everything for pets--things to do, things to buy,  and services for our best furry friends.

How do you guys make your kibble?

We sell advertising on our site, in our emails, and sometimes via dedicated emails (which are always identified as such). We also sell popular products in our store. Other than that, our affections are not for sale (i.e., our editors handpick our featured stories; no pay-for-play there).

If I have a scoop, who do do I tell?

Great! Just e-mail us the details and any images you may have unearthed to And by the way, thanks for the help.

How do I receive Daily kibble?
It’s easy, just click here and sign up. Sign me up

If you have any questions, please contact us. We will sniff around and dig up what we can and let you know.

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