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Our affections are not for sale. Neither is our subscriber's trust. In other words, no one pays to be featured in daily kibble. Ever. We take seriously the privilege of being part of your daily routine; we will never jeopardize your trust or our credibility.

Now, if someone wants to buy ad space, we will happily sell that. That is, after all, how we put kibble on the table. Rest assured, though, we will always clearly identify all advertising as such.

Including those Sponsored e-mails we send out from time to time. These are always paid-for by advertisers and identified as Sponsored so there should be no confusion.

And last, but not least, we don't talk. That means we will NEVER sell our subscriber list to anyone no matter what. Loyal to the end.

It's the least we can do for the privilege of being invited into that special world enjoyed by you and your pet. We love what we do--finding the coolest, newest, and best products, services, and stuff to do to foster that relationship--and we thank you for the chance to do so.

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