January 22, 2008

Spoiled but not Ruined.

Spoiled. The word conjures up such negative connotations! We prefer to see it for its positive side, taking the viewpoint of the spoilee (i.e., your baby) for whom the world is a great place, full of safety, security, abundance, unconditional love, goodwill, designer clothes and gourmet treats. The dog thus treated has no need for aggression or hostility, right?

So, putting spoiling back in its rightful positive light, you’ll love this site for the sheer variety of unique finds. There are fab beds, gorgeous threads, and loads of reds (clearance items). There’s even a stylish doggie diaper for those who have an occasional accident at home or away—a diaper concealed within a designer garment so poochie looks great and you have peace of mind.

Because when we say “spoiled,” we mean improved, not ruined.


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