January 25, 2008

Tall Tails from 9 Inches

The Tails of Abbygail is a just-released DVD featuring one cute little Jack Russell Terrier (Abbygail) whose toys come magically to life, becoming her real-life friends and together setting off on adventures galore in fun and friendship. Narrated from Abbygail’s 9 inch tall perspective, it is a tale of dog dreams come true.

Perfect for children and other animal lovers, alike! It’s moving, with clever sound effects, beautiful scenery, and a lesson or two sprinkled throughout. Great bedtime/family entertainment. A unique gift for the doglover, or better yet, the dog itself (Dogs love watching it, too)!

Tails of Abbygail will set tails (and tongues) a-waggin’.


FREE! To the first 20 DK readers who sign up for Abbygail's e-mail and enter code "DKGA08": Win "Tails of Abbygail" on DVD.

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