February 01, 2007

Yappy Valentine's Day! Will it be
licker or chow?

This cute heart dog collar is made of cotton, keeps your pet’s hair from matting, is durable and strong, cleans in a snap, and adjusts to fit necks from 7 in. to 29 in. Pair it with Miss Debbie’s all natural K-9 dog treats and any dog will welcome the chance to eat and greet. You’ll have your Valentine “eating out of your hand” as they say. At least until the next squirrel catches his eye. Hopefully, he's learned the Come command.

The Casanova Toy Set serves up a plush heart-shaped box of chocolates and a bottle of Dog Perignon sure to win your canine sweetie’s heart. Add these precious XOXO ceramic bowls, microwave and dishwasher safe, approx. 5", and remind them of your love at every meal. Your dog can drink up at yappy hour and chow down at mealtime. Now that's everything your Valentine ever dreamed and more! 

Truly dazzling food artistry will amaze you! 9 bone shaped treats feature an edible photo of your dog (painted in frosting!) right on the treat itself. Both you and your pup will “eat it up,” each in your own way.

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