February 5
, 2009

Punk Rock Dogg!

Tired of the same old “cute” stuff for dogs? Sick of seeing starlets of the month wearing their accessory pet of the moment, all a-bling shouting “socialite,” “cheerleader,” or worse, “hipster?”

Well, dig this stuff for being just plain different: edgy enough to cover your buddy’s shivering little butt, and bursting with ‘tude. Also collars, leashes, tags and toys equally chill.

At last, stuff for real, down-to-earth, non-conformist, individualist, “don’t give a #$%&! what anyone else thinks,” punk-loving, delightfully abnormal people and their psychotic (but lovable) pets.

All in favor of Mommy’s little monster over a boring, “normal” dog, unite!


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