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February 7, 2007

Into the Wood

Admit it. Some of us don’t want wall-to-wall-carpet on our floors and we don’t want it on our cat furniture either (no offense to those who do). The cat trees offered on this site are made of wood, so your cat can feel like it’s crouching in, and scratching up, a real tree, albeit a modernistic, sleekly-formed one available in a choice of three wood stains. They also come with a removable cushion, a sisal scratcher and a little den at the base for hiding-out and stalking purposes. On another subject: owners who wish to hide the litterbox from public view can do so with the Refined Cat Litter Box, a wooden, two-doored chest that looks like people furniture, but in fact holds a litterbox on a slide-out tray. There is a discreet side entrance for your cat, and a handy drawer for all your cat’s toys and stuff. Kind of like your own junk drawer. Ours is in the kitchen. Yours, too?

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