February 9, 2010

Seen On OPRAH! Bling Bling!

Oprah’s furbabies Sunny and Lauren can’t bark enough about their glitzy new collars, Bling for your Bitch available at Bitch New York! The height of doggy luxury, these treasures sport five rows of authentic Swarovski crystal with black leather backing, secure clasp, and 2 inch adjustable chain. Fittingly packaged in a black velvet hard backed case, it’s true jewelry for your gem of a pet, ½ inch wide in your choice of Jet Black, Light Rose, Sapphire, Peridot, Fuchsia, Clear Crystal, Jonquil, Light Siam, Capri, Black Diamond. Only for the IT dog who can handle the raves!

We also love Bitch New York’s 9-row Swarovski human bracelet for those IT girls who can pull off the “Mommy and Me” look. Be prepared for all eyes to be on you!

Want even more glam for your little loved one? Add the Valentine Pet Bed for small dogs who commit to luxury as a lifestyle. Charming and soft, it’s a virtual throne in red upholstery for the truly spoiled rotten.

And when that little pooch steps out, make sure it’s in the Valentino Valentine Dress, which pays homage to the designer’s love for deep reds! (Note: Valentino also had a passion for pugs.) Demanding to be touched, the bodice is of blood red micro suede, with a heart of red petals (cut one by one) and hand sewn in place. Its flirty double skirt is done in even deeper red, pure silky organza! To finish, a double bow of organza, sprinkles of glitter and a touch of flowers. It just screams glamour and divine elegance. Girlie perfect, it’s a limited edition, of course!

If girlie’s not for you, their Avant Garde retractable leash, definitely not your old or boring, lets your personality shine without crystals in a statement of personal style.

The candy heart bed boasts bright pink and lots of stripes, in a high end Hampton twill fabric that’s soft and durable.

Had enough? Not!! Throw in the dotted hearts cotton pajamas in pink/purple cotton knit with snap front. Because 1/3 or more of your dog’s life is spent sleeping. For the rest, i.e., eating, we recommend the Big Kisses Cookies, a milk and honey concoction that’s out of this world.

It’s all here and it’s all bitchin’ HOT!

Feeeeeeel the Love.


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