February 11
, 2009

Pride and Groom

When it comes to tools of the trade, the grooming trade that is, the paw cleaning glove and marabu feather brush are the lastest “it” girls.

The  unique 2-in-1 mitt–to-glove design wipes paws clean without water using a super absorbent microfiber that holds six times its weight in dirt and water. Quick drying, reusable over and over, machine washable, and a must-have. Mitt cleans larger surface areas; glove cleans deep between toes.

Moving right along, the marabu feather brush is frou frou at its best. Think spike heels with just a hint of feather, only in a dog brush!

While you’re there, pick up other treasures because…a girl can never be too well groomed.



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