February 14, 2008

Tag Team

Finally a pet tag with details! Developed by veterinarians and health care pros, KOOGATAG provides more essential info and a wider range of services than any other pet tag or microchip on the market...all on the world’s smallest USB ID pet tag.

If your pet is ever lost, whoever finds Rover just calls the toll free number on the tag and they will reach the emergency lost pet center, 24/7. Your personal identifying info (name, address, phone) are never revealed, but you will be contacted privately and reunited with your furry best friend. NO COMPUTER NECESSARY FOR THE LOST PET SERVICE.

And there’s more: KoogaTag notifies pet shelters with your pet’s photo, provides first aid instructions on the tag, gives your care instructions to pet sitters and kennels efficiently and accurately, reminds you via email of vaccination and medication schedules, and stores thousands of useful documents (even YOUR important documents such as insurance policies, wills, favorite photos etc.), all of which is backed up on their secure servers so it will NEVER be lost.

We think it’s brilliant. Your pet thinks it’s the cat’s meow, because it’ll bring him safely and quickly home to you and into his own bed. Fast!


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