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February 16, 2007

Guilt-free Fast Food

It isn’t easy staying healthy and fit. You drag yourself out of a nice warm bed to pound the pavement in freezing temps. You lift weights to the point of exhaustion. Spend money you don’t have on the latest anti-aging solutions. Try to subsist on fat free spa cuisine.

Health conscious canines have diet and exercise concerns, too. With Smart Pak, Fido can have his food and any custom vitamin supplements factory-sealed in single servings, 10 times fresher than regular dog foods, shipped right to your door every month. Smart Pak makes feeding a snap (translate: the kids can do it!) with pre-measured portions in individual packets. Travel is easy, too--just grab and go. Plus, special issues (e.g., arthritis, joint stiffness, itching, bad breath) can be handled with customized daily doses of vitamins and supplements.

Portion control, easy as pie. Because Fido’s also watching his girlish figure.

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