February 17, 2010

Does your dog have skin allergies? Or is it something else?

Dog skin allergies are becoming increasingly common. Food, carpeting, blankets, dust mites, mold spores in the air, pollen, plastic food dishes, and ornamental plants all have the potential to trigger allergies in dogs. In some instances, a highly allergic pet may be diagnosed as having several allergies at once. And the severity of allergies, which can be seasonal or year ‘round, varies greatly. The most common symptom of an allergy is intense itching (known as pruritus), which may be localized at spots or might be systemic, covering the pet's entire body.

Pet owners expect their dogs to scratch themselves now and then. However, excessive and persistent scratching, licking, biting and hair loss may be signs of an allergy. When a vet diagnoses a dog’s itchiness and inflammation as a potential allergy, there are some expensive vet bills and treatment costs awaiting this pet parent.

But what if it isn’t an allergy? Even if the condition began as an allergic response to something, the itching, scratching, chewing may be the result of a secondary infection that set in as a result of a crashed immune system either from the allergy or from the steroids administered to treat the symptoms. To learn more about steroid-free allergy care, click here.

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