February 19
, 2010

Truly Hands-Free!

The AmigaRoo® pet carrier is a fleece pullover that doubles as a convenient and safe pet carrier, thanks to an inner pouch that’s sewn into the garment for your little dog (under 10 lbs.).

Carry a small dog, cat, ferret or other pet in the front facing pouch when you run errands, are out on the town, or want to protect your little furry friend from larger animals or busy, crowded places. No need for bulky, external pouches and harnesses. And no worries about your little friend around larger animals or crowds. Just put your furbaby inside, in a safe, comfortable spot against your chest, where your heartbeat makes him feel calm and secure.

It’s a great looking, great feeling fleece pullover for you; for your pet, it’s safety and security. The patent pending design distributes your pet’s weight so the outer fleece won’t stretch or pull uncomfortably on your neck.

HANDS FREE, and thumbs down THE best way to carry your small pet around the house, for a run to the market, or out on the town.

Rah! Rah! For the Amigo Roo!




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