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February 23, 2007

PawZ to Consider...

If Cinderella had been a dog (and not a clueless young girl), she would’ve skipped the ball and the glass slippers and asked her fairy godmother for a pair of these fabulous dog boots! What with snow melt and lawn chemicals, soil and sand, glass and gravel, no dog should step one paw out the door without some serious paw protection. Pawz Protective Dog Boots are disposable, natural rubber dog boots that shield your dog’s paws while catering to your furry friend’s fashionable side. The thin material lets Fido feel the ground, providing a sense of security and confidence. With these boots on, pool liner tears are a thing of the past—and they won’t disappear at the stroke of midnight! (So you won’t kick yourself for losing another expensive glass slipper…er, dog boot).

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