February 23
, 2010

Five Star Movers for Four Paws

When the pampered pet is moving or relocating anywhere in the USA, The Pet Bus is the favored alternative to air travel, paws down. For that pampered pet’s worried parents, The Pet Bus comes to the rescue by ensuring Fluffy and Fido travel in the upscale, luxe style to which they’ve become accustomed at home.

They offer the most comprehensive door-to-door ground transportation services available for pets. Pack leaders are experts at creating the ultimate tailgating experience for pawsengers, including pet themed movie nights, pawjama parties, and soothing pet music.

The Pet Bus is the first to offer parents a live Tailgating cam, with live shots and photos taken enroute to capture the pet’s special travel moments. Each pet writes home daily via the online Travel Tails journal so pet parents receive trip updates.

Quite simply, it’s ground transportation for pets, made fun, safe and healthy. All across the USA. Whenever you’re ready.

The Pet Bus: five star movers for four paws.




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