February 25, 2008

For the Dog that Has Everything...Literally!

Is your dog’s calendar busier than yours? Do your pup’s overnight invitations not only outdo the ones you receive but also outnumber them? Is it hard to keep up with Poochie’s playdates and Spot’s sports?

Then get thee to arfdog.com, where you’ll find gift boxes to suit your busy dog’s lifestyle. The boxes neatly contain all necessities (examples include: spa products and bathrobe in the spa box; a team jersey and balls for sports; beach toys and sunscreen for seaside; and a toy passport, newspaper, and bowls for sleepovers, just to cite a few). You can even customize items to your liking. These boxed sets are also great gifts for friends.

Because, we suspect that, if your dog’s life is this busy and full, you’ve got a rolodex to rival The Donald’s.


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