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March 3, 2008

Mouse in the House

Is your kitty bored when you leave the house, lacking your companionship and needing some activity and stimulation? Do you secretly suspect she suffers from separation anxiety? Or worse, laziness, obesity or other health and behavior problems?

Get her on the interactive bandwagon with Mouse in the House. It plays with her when she’s alone. Either you or she can activate it by pushing the red button or there’s a timer you can set to activate it at set intervals ranging form a minute to several hours.

It’s irresistibly adorable as it emits small realistic mouse sounds to pique kitty’s interest and announce the mouse’s arrival, after which the mouse emerges, circles around a track a bit, then announces he’s done with a humorous cuckoo sound. Replacement mice are available, too.

It’s one mouse you’ll both want in the house.
P.S. The site has loads of other great cat toys you two can explore, too.

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