March 9, 2007

If Einstein were Canine...

Pup Life claims to sell “intelligent dog supplies;” what they actually sell is pure genius. Among their wares: Lupine collars guaranteed for life, even if chewed; human grade dog treats from Simon and Huey; pet blinkers that increase your dog’s visibility at night; uncommonly colorful customizable dog tags; beds that will make you envy your own pet; the SENSE-ible dog harness that gently stops dogs from pulling (drawing on gradual and humane horse training concepts); doggie bath bombs; high-stylin’ carriers you won’t see coming and going; Taz-Lab collars; and a bevy of other brilliant products way too numerous to mention but way too clever to miss. Einstein himself couldn’t do better at combining creative, innovative, and stylish with healthy, durable, and mentally challenging. And don’t miss their Leo and mini-Leo dog toy, named for genius Leonardo da Vinci and marking a renaissance in dog toy design., where 10% of profits go to assist dogs in need.

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