March 16, 2007

Lie Down, Little Doggie

"Let sleeping dogs lie" is a familiar expression which usually holds true, unless said dog happens to be sleeping in the middle of a doorway. Let sleeping dogs lounge… Let sleeping dogs snuggle… Let sleeping dogs curl up with their noses under their tails for a good long snooze… these expressions apply to the dog with a comfy bed. Depending on the pet, this bed might be the Barcelona Bed, the Classic Floor Pillow, the Soft Hooded Bed, or even the Saigon Day Bed, offering enough sleek style to have been featured in Elle Decor magazine. These beds, and more, are available from Haute Pooch, a California-based company that designs its own beds and makes them to order. There’s enough color, style, price range and comfort to keep everyone happy. And when you’re happy, you sleep better.

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