March 23
, 2007

Scoop on Poop

Although definitely-not-the-do for the ladies who lunch, certain tough subjects are a fact of life a la dog. Case in point: waste removal. Our dogs provide certain daily doggish “gifts” that Poop-Freeze can handle in oh-such-a-ciivilized way, for city and country dweller alike. As the name suggests, it’s a specially fornulated aerosol freeze spray that on contact forms a frosty film and hardens the surface of dog (or cat) poop, making pick-up a snap. One quick (environmentally friendly) spray instantly cools things down to a -62 degrees fahrenheit. Useful indoors and out, won’t harm vegetation or the ozone layer, and provides a clean, easy and affordable solution for living with our best friends.

As if that weren’t enough, Poop-Freeze offers a stylish, convenient sling carrier that holds the Poop-Freeze can, plus a bottle of water and a compartment for waste bags. Adjustable to wear over your shoulder or around your waist, it comes in an attractive blue-gray with the Poop-Freeze Logo… cool enough to give little alligators and horses a run for their money.

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