March 23
, 2009

Fly Me to the (JetBlue) Moon

JetPaws is JetBlue's way of welcoming pets along on travel, and welcoming it is, with all-inclusive tips and tools to ensure smooth trips from start to finish.

First, goodies include a pet carrier bag tag, “Travel Petiquette™” guide to the social graces of pet travel, TrueBlue® points (toward award travel), and JetPaws’ welcome email with useful information re: next steps and travel tips. All FREE!

But there’s more! Download their free Pet Travel Guide, a must-have e-booklet about the ins and outs of pet jetting from booking to arrival, including the rules of petiquette and lists of pet-friendly hotels, restaurants, parks and animal hospitals in some of JetBlue's major cities.

Still holding out? They offer custom pet travel products for purchase including a comfy carrier designed by JetBlue, and a nifty pet travel kit.

Now get going! At JetBlue.


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