March 26, 2007

Relationships 101

Professor: And the quintessential, sine qua non of any good relationship is … ?
Student: Trust.

Professor: And the basis of trust is … ?
Student: Honesty.

When it comes to wholesome canine and feline nutrition, Honest Kitchen is … well, honest … and rightfully proud about their ingredients. They deliver delicious, nutritious, dehydrated raw pet foods that allow you to prepare fresh, wholesome, delectable meals for your dog or cat in your very own home. No cooking, no freezing, no cans, no bags that sit on the shelf for weeks at a time. Only the most nourishing, 100% human grade, uncompromisingly superior ingredients. It’s even manufactured in a state of the art human food facility for complete peace of mind.

No longer guilty about what’s in your pet’s food, you cancel this week’s therapy session, board a plane for Monte Carlo, and live it up at the casino, where the human food is second to none. Now who’s getting the health benefits here?

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