March 27
, 2009

Spot’s Favorite Spot, Paws Down

When given the Snugglesafe Microwave Heatpad Combo, designed especially for safe use with pets, your pet will revel in up to 12 hours of safe and long-lasting warmth, sure to make it your pup’s favorite spot, paws down.

Just pop the disc into your microwave for a few minutes and then into your Bonzo cushion for a warm and cozy bed lasting all day or all night long! Comforts and consoles pups (kitties, too), just like the real mother’s warmth and softness does.

No electric wiring or scalding water, thus it's 100% safe for your pet. Sealed outer casing is bite resistant tough and hygienically wipes clean, so there’s no safer way to keep an animal warm and comfortable.

SnuggleSafe’s greatness comes from its unique ability to self generate extra heat giving extended warmth unmatched by any other non-electric heater!Suits all sizes and ages, from newborn pup to convalescing elder to pampered hedonist.

Combo includes a companion plush dog or cat toy, the perfect partner for the snugglesafe heatpad and the perfect spot for your furbaby to rest his pampered little head.


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