March 28, 2007


While Tony the Tiger may have touted sugary and highly processed fare, Tigertail Foods touts only the finest quality raw food diet for your dog or cat. They offer 100% human grade, healthy, delicious foods for dogs and cats, plus healthy treats extraordinaire. There is even fare for horses, ponies, goats, birds, rabbits, hamsters, gerbils, and llamas just in case word gets out around the ‘hood and you find yourself with a few extra guests for dinner.

Theirs is a meat-based diet, specially formulated, sealed and frozen for maximum safety. They pride themselves on being a small company that works with veterinarians to accommodate those pets with special dietary needs. And as we all know, special dietary needs in one family may mean allergies; in ours, it means dogs accustomed to a morning biscotti who will accept nothing less. Tigertail can handle it, with biscotti biscuits in flavors such as cheddar cheese, maui pizza, peanut butter banana, and “almost kosher.”

We think they have the world by the tail, and our pets think they’re

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