March 29
, 2007

What's on your Pet's Menu?

Ever wonder why your dog’s or cat’s get up and go got up and left? Could it be the food that you’ve been feeding him? So if you want to see your best friend live a life that’s longer, healthier, and better all around, don’t just walk — run — to

Stella & Chewy’s combines free-range meats, with no hormones or antibiotics, and the freshest farm grown, organic ingredients. Their food is uniquely formulated to strengthen your pet’s immune system and add healthy years to your pet’s life and life to his years.

Stella & Chewy’s is also free from grains, which means it can help with weight loss, is excellent for dogs and cats with allergies, and helps reduce plaque and tartar buildup on canine and feline teeth.

So feel good about what you’re feeding your best friend again … because isn’t he worth it?
Pssssttttt: We assume (don’t we?) that your own diet is atleast as healthy, drawing in proper proportions from all 4 basic food groups (i.e., potato chips, fatty foods, hot fudge, and diet soda).

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