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April 2, 2007

Don't Fence Me In

If your dog lives to roam the great outdoors—hiking, swimming, tramping, and climbing—then he’ll need special gear to get him safely out and back again. At, you’ll discover everything you need to make outdoor adventures fun, safe and satisfying.  Backpacks, boots, hands-free running leashes, bike leashes, reflective and lighted collars, bed rolls and more let him join you wherever you go, whether it’s a Saturday in the park or a week long backpacking trip through the wilderness.
For your next romp with Rover, check out the Hands-Free Belt & Fanny Pack that comes with 1 leash. Perfect for walking and running with your dog by your side, it’s got a heavy-duty elastic waist band that hugs your body comfortably and doesn’t slide while you’re exercising. You’ll also love the roomy fanny pack that’s sturdy and water resistant. Reflective tape on the pack gives you greater visibility, so you and your best friend can still be seen when your adventures take you far from home on those dark and stormy nights. Because we all know, when you do something heroic, it’s important to both see AND be seen!

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