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April 6, 2007

The "Complete Me" Gift

Flowers and long walks in the park are great, but doesn’t the love of your life deserve something even better? That’s especially true when it comes to the furry friend who makes you look more love-drunk and sappy than Tom Cruise in Jerry Macguire saying, “You complete me.” For an out-of-this-world gift that keeps on giving, go to and discover a monthly treat club that’s sure to be a hit with any dog or cat. Dog treats and cat treats arrive every month you’re a member, with two 8-ounce packages for dogs and one for cats (you know how they like to watch their figures), just brimming with deliciously decadent delights. There’s Peamutt Butter & Cheddar Beggars, Sticky Bones & Chicken Pawmesan, Beagels & Cinnamon Rollovers, Whisker Lickin’ Chicken, Catch-of–the-day, Beefy Baco Bites and much more. You’ll start feeling the love so soon that it won’t be long before your pet looks at you with those eyes that say, “You complete me.” Or maybe that’s, “You feed me.” Either way, he’ll really mean it.

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