April 7
, 2009

Around the World, Pup in Tow

Our pups are just like us when it comes to savoring new sights, sounds, scents and scenery! And like us, they love luxury accommodations and amenities that make travel feel like a special occasion…which it is! Travel opens up endless worlds to you and your pet, all better when experienced together. Last but not least, pets add a sense of safety and companionship for single travelers like nothing else.

PAW is the only online hotel-booking engine that specializes in luxury, pet-friendly hotel accommodations. Click below to start seeing yourself lounging poolside, dining at outdoor cafes, riding in a hot air balloon, climbing mountains or settling in for the night with bed turned down and chocolate on the pillow, all with Fido in tow.

Loads of 4-star or higher rated pet-friendly hotels, useful info, and tempting destinations.



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