April 11, 2007

And the Livin' is Easy

There’s a reason they call it a dog’s life. What could be better than lying around all day, soaking up the sunshine, and eating— when you’re not sleeping? Your pet deserves only the best, and at Barkus Pet Boutique, they’ve got just what your best friend needs to keep living the high life.

Find cool clothes and threads, gourmet “barkery” treats, ceramic pet bowls, even pet costumes for your party animal! But for those lying dogs who hope to raise the bar on summer time relaxation, the Howlin’ Pet Riviera Bed can’t be beat. This handsome chaise lounge elevates your dog off the ground to keep him creepy-crawly free, and the air that circulates underneath him will keep him much cooler than the heat rising up off the ground. The Riviera is easy to clean— just hose the bed off and you’re done— and the striped awning adds a touch of style to your lawn or patio.

And for those deserving dogs out there, throw in some Flea the Scene Spritz to relieve dry skin and itchiness caused by insect bites. And then, let ‘em chomp on a Chewgar, a rawhide treat shaped like— you guessed it— a cigar. (But break the news gently to your lounging Lothario: he’ll have to do without the brandy this time).

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