April 13, 2007


Not to be confused with teeny pooch… so what is Poochtini, you ask? A pet boutique that, by its name, reflects the underlying commonalites between pooches and martinis. Perhaps you’ve never looked at it this way before, but just consider this: pooches and martinis are both innately cosmopolitan. Both have wide variations in personality. And both add life and entertainment to any gathering.

We love Poochtini’s cool products, which include shirts, sweaters, vests, footwear, and jackets ranging from a camo Gulf War item to a slick disco number. Their spa products promise to keep users soft, sweet smelling, and sexy. We’ll drink to that!

Great stuff, but beware… It’s sometimes hard to stop at 2 or 3. Is there a designated driver in the crowd?


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