April 13
, 2009

Footbath Fosters Flawless Footprints

If your dog’s backyard play sessions have given your lawn a bad case of male pattern baldness, which in turn has led to more outdoor dirt being tracked in via doggie paws, we’ve got you covered. And if rain and melting snow are enough to push you over the edge, read on.

Approved by white sofas, hardwood floors, carpets, car seats, khakis and bedspreads everywhere, the Paw Clean canine footbath actually cleans paws before they set foot indoors.

Its comfortable neoprene water-tight seal, 30 oz. of paw cleaning power, and free microfiber towel with each purchase let you dip paws in, shake, swirl and remove that dirt before it takes up residence in your all-white living room.

So Fido can live it up outside, while you do the same inside.



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