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April 16
, 2009

Bye, Bye Allergies

Many dogs exhibit symptoms of grain allergies like itchy skin, hotspots, flaky skin, and a dull coat.  The problems may perplex their owners and sometimes…yes it's true…even perplex veterinarians. First line of defense is to get grains and gluten out of your pup’s diet via Barkwheats, the all-natural buckwheat, gluten free dog biscuits in spectacular packaging.

But what about those tasty "big brand" treats that your dog craves?  Sans the nasty wheat, miscellaneous animal parts, and countless chemicals, Barkwheats satisfies those cravings while sparing your canine co-pilot the suffering of itching and flaking from wheat or grain allergies.

Baked with the highest quality ingredients, including certified organic dark buckwheat flour, free-range organic eggs, safflower oil, ginger, parsley, sea vegetable and chamomile, Barkwheats are handcrafted in Maine, where nearly 100% of their ingredients are sourced from neighboring farms.

Their sustainably-harvested, biodegradable bag and sturdy 100% recycled paperboard box can simply be tossed in your compost bin or woodstove without environmental consequence.

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