April 17
, 2009

Dental Duty

PetzLife Oral Care Spray & PetzLife Oral Care Gel offer a fast and natural way to control plaque and tartar in dogs and cats, which in turn reduces bacteria and bad breath.

The benefit for you is being able to love your pet close-up without fainting; the benefit for pets are getting closer to you, as well as improved overall health and longevity. Dental disease is a major determinant of general health and a major cause of premature death and disease, not to mention extremely painful for them.

The secret is a proprietary blend of grapefruit seed extract and other all natural herbs and ingredients which provide a safe and effective oral care maintenance program. Especially for seniors and pets who are sensitive to anesthesia scaling, PetzLife can provide a safe alternative.

P.S. Formulated by Doctors in an FDA approved facility, PetzLife’s all natural ingredients are safe for dogs, cats and even humans!

As Animal Doctor syndicated columnist, Dr. Michael Fox, states, “Safe and effective dental health products, like PetzLife Oral Care, are the missing link in holistic pet health care, ------.
Dr. Michael Fox, BVetMed, PhD, DSc, MRCVS,

We think you will LOVE it as much as we do!



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