April 18, 2007

Let's Get Together

The socialized pet likes a good party. It's a chance to spend time with human friends, eat unauthorized, tasty appetizers, and receive countless scratches behind the ears, pats on the head, and inquiries about one's health. It often means dressing up as well. A jaunty bandana or ribbon here, a pair of boxer shorts there…PARTY! Sometimes the owner acts like a grownup and has dress-up affairs. This is where comes in handy.

It offers a collection of show-stopping jewelry for scene stealing cats and dogs, and their owners, too. Imagine showing up or greeting guests in sparkling matching necklaces made of glittering crystals and pearls or less expensive but equally pretty bands of colored beads in all sorts of festive combinations. Also a sterling silver collection.

Styles range from a baby alphabet necklace to a night out on-the-town to everyday casual. Lengths range from 8" up to 18" in all price ranges. Because heaven knows, you wouldn't want your beads to get tangled in a bush.

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