April 19, 2007

Richie Bitch

Poor little rich kid, Richie Rich, lived in a mansion surrounded by servants, cooks, butlers, maids, nannies, drivers, and every toy imaginable. But he was lonely and sad.

You LOVE your pet, we know, and you go to great lengths to procure that luxe collar and lead, monogrammed water bowl, custom home-cooked gourmet food, toile bed matching your decor, and more.

All of which is nice, BUT…is your pet happy? We mean really happy? When you leave the house, does your cat urine mark or scratch? Is your dog a destructive chewer? Incessant barker? If so, chances are your pet has “issues.” Emotional issues, like fear and stress, which can cause unwanted behaviors.

Not ready to pay shrink bills, you might want to get Comfort Zone, the only product proven to reduce destructive behaviors in dogs and cats by the clever use of naturally-occurring pheromones. For dogs, Comfort Zone mimics the pheromones secreted by a nursing mom to calm and comfort her puppies. For cats, Comfort Zone mimics the pheromones cats secrete when they rub up against things to make their environment feel safe and familiar to them.

Comfort Zone scientifically and naturally controls destructive behaviors. Making Richie Rich a happy boy. Now if we could just do that for humans…

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