April 20, 2007

Yuppy Puppy

Ever wish you had more control over your life? Ever wondered if your dog does, too? Well, now you can give him the sense that he’s master of his own destiny atleast as far as treats are concerned.

Truly for the dog who has everything (i.e., yours), this 13" tall gumball machine is specially designed so dogs can work it themselves to dispense kibble or treats (not gumballs) at the push of its bone-shaped handle.

Show off your little genius, who will pick up this parlor trick in no time flat. Stop your canine Hoover from inhaling his dinner, and provide some mental stimulation in the process. For the psychologically minded pet parent, teach your canine kid some initiative; he’ll learn to “make his own luck” and earn his own rewards. Whatever your motive, you will love this dispenser made of cherry red cast metal with a glass globe and its own unique bowl. Hours of fun, it comes with training tips, bragging rights, and a 10 year guarantee. SitStay also carries Charlee Bear and Liver Biscotti treats perfect for this machine, sold separately.


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